Porch Progress

When Kevin and I found and purchased our home, it definitely wasn’t the exterior that sold us. Two squatty windows complete with a unibrow-esque roof peeked over overgrown bushes onto a lumpy, dead yard. But, you know: location, location, location…

We’ve invested quite a bit of time (we painted the exterior ourselves–never again) and money (new, larger windows) to get the outside in better shape.

Updated Exterior

As with all homes, the work is never finished. Our exterior looks a lot better but still needs some work. There is still a lot of landscaping to do! I have grand plans to add a concrete walkway in front of the bushes and new stairs that would lead directly to the front door, rather than the side entry porch we have now. I really think it would be a more welcoming entry to our house, however it is definitely a project I’d rather pay a professional to undertake. And hiring a professional means forking over the dough. Which means taking the time to save. With larger improvements looming on the horizon, this porch improvement definitely goes on the “someday” list.

We’d added a new storm door, updated the light fixture, and replaced the mailbox in previous bouts of project-energy. But I have a bit of an all-or-nothing personality, and part of me feels that it’s not worth investing any more time to make my porch pretty if I can’t go all the way. I’ve even had front door paint sitting in my hall closet unused for two years.

Plain Porch 1 Plain Porch 2

I realize this is ridiculous so after some prodding and inspiration from my sisters, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. First, I power washed the side of the house, windows and porch. The abundance of cobwebs was disgusting. I busted out the paint and tackled the front door. The cute stencil on the mailbox is definitely one of those “hot from far, far from hot” type of things. A new planter with a sunny yellow mum added a bit of color. I’m grateful that mum season is short since I can’t keep plants alive for the life of me (this is actually mum numero dos). I also turned to Pinterest and created a few  seasonal decorations for the door.

Halloween Porch
(Haunted house sign recovered from our basement, Halloween door inspiration found here)

Fall Porch

(Fall wreath inspiration found here)

I also added a bench in front of the windows and an outdoor runner in hopes of covering some of the stained concrete. Unfortunately that didn’t work as well in execution as I thought it would in my head. The stains don’t look as obvious in this picture but they are very apparent in real life. I had hoped to make some cute, fall-themed outdoor pillows but didn’t get around to it. Maybe I’ll get something together for the Christmas season.

Porch with Bench

Next spring I may add a few planters and stain the concrete, but I feel like this a good start to making the porch a more welcoming entrance to our home! It definitely cheers me up as I come and go.